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Tastes and preferences of people are constantly changing in the modern, dynamically developing world. There is still huge competition between companies in the use of innovative ideas and strategies in order to attract customers to their product / service.

Colossal changes in the modern world lead to innovation in the world of motion design. It makes no sense to rely on the desired results by publishing animated videos in the same old style over and over again. To give the market what it needs, you must be up to date with the latest trends in motion design. However, you need to learn how to create motion design before you can fully exploit market trends.

Cisco predicts that more than 1 million minutes of video will be shown on the Internet by 2022 in 1 second. Here is another chart that shows the powerful growth of the online video market.

Trends are constantly changing, and that is why you should be aware of what is happening in the market. Some trends remain in the computer graphics industry for a long time, so there is a chance that what worked in 2019 could work well in 2020.

Let's look at 20 current trends in motion design to find out what the market wants:

1. 3D everywhere

 The 3D is everywhere trend takes the first place in our list: motion designers pay special attention to the importance of using 3D elements everywhere - from selling presentations to game design.

2. Mixing 2D and 3D

Mixing 2D and 3D will still gain momentum in 2020, as people like the way the video tells the story when motion designers combine 2D and 3D. Integrating 2D and 3D animations, inserting 2D overlays with motion are some examples of this. We observe this trend not only in large-budget commercials, but also in small-scale digital advertising. 

3. Kinetic typography

We usually prefer not to stretch or do anything unusual with fonts and images. However, there are times when we can break the rules and still achieve great results. Kinetic typography is all about stretching, twisting, and distorting letters — and people like it all.

4. Broken text

Designers now play with fragmented texts to give the video a poetic meaning, and people take it positively. We see how many are experimenting with this.

5. Complex visual effects

Adding sophisticated visual effects to videos now attracts the attention of the audience. We can see all kinds of scenes added to the video, such as explosions, fire storms and other computer animations.

6. Animated logos

Even huge corporations buy the idea of ​​animating a logo using motion design. It works great to attract the attention of users, as it allows you to add all kinds of visual effects to the logo.

7. Smooth transitions

Designers now use smooth technology and reduce the number of frames, which gives the video a more natural look and leads to its smooth playback.

8. Thin lines

Lines have many features in the video, such as indicating directions, determining the shape, and much more. Motion designers are now trying to draw thin lines, like the original drawing for experiments, and it looks good.

9. Grain

A grainy texture is a tool we use to add life to boring visuals. This is a great way to insert texture into a vector image, as well as add roughness.

10. Retro style in motion design

You can expect more frequent use of the retro style in motion design in 2020. Designers use it to keep the video fresh and add a nostalgic feel to the video. 

11. Morphing

The concept of morphing logos, images, and other elements in video is gaining popularity - it provides a quick and smooth transition, attracting quickly scattering users' attention.

12. Motion Design in Web & Apps

The study shows that about 38% of users will not interact with unattractive sites and applications. Using motion design templates on the Web and in mobile applications is becoming a typical method of retaining visitors by animating logos and giving life to boring graphics and a loading screen.

13. The movement of liquid - liquid

Designers add smooth movement to make the video creative, replacing clean transitions with brighter shifts. It is truly amazing to watch how a fluid transforms into new forms.

14. Isometric Design

Isometric Design is a representation of 3D elements on a 2D screen. This type of design has been successfully used to attract attention to objects that matter.

15. Big and bold typography

Large and bold fonts are used in various motion design videos to convey an advertising message by giving it an extra emphasis.

16. Digital Surrealism

Digital surrealism is the addition of spectacular graphics that seem familiar. Users see evaporating objects, magical things and much more.

17. Gradients

We call color transitions gradients, and they become fashionable due to their use by large organizations such as Stripe, Instagram and so on. They are used to create spectacular user interfaces, illustrations, and backgrounds.

18. Fantasy

The presence of fiction elements in motion design is also becoming trendy due to its use in popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones. It is about bringing a new reality through a mixture of fantastic characters, such as mythical animals or magical landscapes.

19. Virtual reality

The volume of video for virtual reality is currently growing, as we see that designers are focusing on the surreal effects of the highest quality in the video. There is no limit to the creativity that you can show in motion design for virtual reality. The volume of the virtual reality market is expected to reach $ 44.7 billion in 2024, with an aggregate annual growth rate of 33.47% (source).

20. New minimalism

The last trend that we mention in this article is a new minimalism. This is an advanced form of minimalism, which is nothing but truncated texts. In the new minimalism, we add more to the video by inserting added textures, looping sound, bold flowing styles, and more.


Despite the trends and popularity of certain types of videos, a motion designer should keep in mind that the choice of video depends heavily on the nature of your video. For example, you should not embed rock music in the introduction if you are selling medical supplements, simply because there is a corresponding trend in the market.

Given all of the above, there is a great chance that the trends that I have listed above will be useful in cases of most types of businesses that need motion design. Take a look at each of them and choose the most appropriate trends that will serve your purpose.