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Intenso service

The company needed to develop a new website where potential customers could get up-to-date information about the brands the company works with, completed projects, get acquainted with completed projects and learn about the company’s business reputation.

The corporate website of the company is the face of the company in the Internet space, and this is especially important if the task is to demonstrate the competence and image of the organization. Therefore, we created a website that looks relevant and modern, supports the image of the organization, increases its recognition and status.


The task was to develop a completely new design solution for a large installation company. Strict style and craving for straight lines border on the functionality of the elements of each page.

  • Strategy

    Technology & Minimalistic

  • Design

    Andrew Bielous

  • Client


  • CMS


  • CRM

    WP CRM

  • Technologies

    JQuery, GSAP, Google PageSpeed

  • Time spend

    44 days

  • Tags

    UI/UX, web design

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