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Motion Design
Motion Design is a modern trend in graphic design aimed at revitalizing static visual design. Through the use of computer animation, i.e. dynamic graphics are small interesting and attractive elements of animation, attracting attention and delivering the necessary information.
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Today, motion design has become an integral part of any video product broadcast on television or the Internet. Due to its dynamism and brilliance, this method of presenting information is an order of magnitude more effective than the use of conventional static images.

In fact, every animated image or text that you encounter in everyday life is the result of the work of a motion designer.
When creating animated graphics for conveying information, three channels are used at once: image, text & sound.

By combining these three channels of information, the maximum assimilation of data by the viewer is achieved. Memorability also increases, because both auditory and visual memory are triggered.

Motion design, in fact, is the process of creating animated graphics, that is, the visual design of information that animates static images.
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3d modeling
3D visualization is the creation of elaborate three-dimensional images of objects, buildings and other objects with carefully designed textures and other details.
Thus, we achieve the most realistic image which can be used for advertising purposes for product promotion or etc.
3D computer technology allows you to create fictional worlds and characters, show how a complex mechanism or human body works, demonstrate how a building will look even before it starts to be built, and much more.
architectural visualisation
character moodeling
Using computer visualization, you can imagine what an unfinished building or quarter will be like. Through this architectural visualization is an effective instrument of construction firms. Its easy to perceive both the customer and the customer. Moreover, by demonstrating the object from various angles, visualization contributes to the effective promotion of the project on the market and attract partners and investors.
3D advertising characters become the main elements of commercials, establishing a special connection with the audience and remembering it for a long time. Often they become the face of a marketing campaign or even a branded character of the brand, contributing to its fame and highlighting among competitors.
character animation
You can not watch modern cartoons, but you can't hide from their heroes, whose toys, stationery, clothes, food and much more are looking at you from the shelves of every first store, bringing the creators much more profit than the cartoons themselves.
Characters are one of the main components of the success of any game. It doesn't matter if you create a high-budget blockbuster or a small indie game - the perception of the whole game depends on how well its characters are made, because it's not just pixels running around the screen, but its "soul". This is especially true for the main characters, with whom the players have to go all the way from beginning to end. Particularly successful characters often go beyond the boundaries of the game itself, becoming its face and attracting more and more new players.
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VFX & Game animation

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FX is an abbreviation that characterizes various types of effects - visual and sound. Previously, the f.x. remark drawn on the margins of the storyboard indicated that a particular effect should be applied in one place or another. Now these letters are used not only by scriptwriters, but also by directors - to indicate any effects.The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.
New technologies used in the film industry naturally flow into the world of advertising products. In the fierce competition for the hearts of consumers, the fittest survives. Three-dimensional graphics make a lasting impression on the audience, which is the purpose of the commercial. However, the effects of special effects should not be overestimated. The erratic use of computer wisdom can only harm the charm of design.
video effects
Gaming intro is a small video that precedes the start of the game. However, they are also often used in the end or between game levels. You can make a game video both on the engine of the game itself and as an independent video.
And modern technology allows you to integrate them with the gameplay, so that they can be interactive.

Most modern games are so heavy that downloading them takes a long time, even on the most modern computers. To prevent viewers from getting bored during the loading of the game, they are shown an intriguing intro, whose graphics and plot are sometimes not inferior to the best Hollywood films.
Intro is needed not only to immerse the player in the game world and introduce him to the main character and the main plot details.
In the second case, the quality of the video is much higher and can be compared with real films.