About Dreamink

DreamInk is a creative animation studio. We specializes in producing animations for a broadcast, digital interactive and totally immersive media. Our experience and passion for storytelling and content creation allows brands, agencies, games & etc. to attract their audience with a most usefull way.
and now, some words about our

project & team

We are dedicated only for creating stunning animated advertisements and another promotional content, which strongly contributes to our customers stories. We provide an array of competencies, that covers all aspects of animation, visual effects and video production. Also other digital advertising management is avalible.

During projects, we work closely with clients and strive to build long-term relationships. The relationships which exceed the time frame of a one project indeed. The skills of our motion & 3D designers fulfills the managing long term advertisement programs.
The main deal is to have fun while you working and freely communicate with each professionals! Getting pleasure from what you're doing.
Whether it's an hand-drawn masterpiece from the past or a modern CGI film, the art of animation has fascinated us for almost a century with its characters, stories and deep worlds. Animation is the best example of "motion graphics". Whether it is a short or full-length movie, it can be applied in absolutely any desired area. It can be: infomercial, advertising, educational, entertaining of course and etc.
And whole of that - is what we represent in the "Dreamink Studio" idea.

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